President's Message


  Thank you for visiting the Charleston Coin Club's website. Hopefully you have found it interesting and useful, enhancing your collecting endeavors.

  Our membership is made up of like minded folk who take great pleasure in adding new numismatic and exonumia pieces to their collections. As with any group of people, our collecting habits range from near obsession to very casual. Most of us have been in the hobby for many years and enjoy sharing what we have learned while seeking to expand our knowledge.

  We meet on the third Tuesday of each month gathering in around 6:30 pm to visit prior to the meeting beginning at 7. In summer months times may vary depending upon the whims of the facilities' management.

  After a short business meeting, and if everything goes as hoped, there will be a program prior to the club's monthly auction. At present the auctions offer thirty some collectible items ranging in value of a few dollars upwards. The pieces auctioned are from the membership with the club's treasury benefiting from a small commission.

  Donald Clifford, Treasurer and ANA Representative, is the auctioneer. His extensive knowledge keeps the auctions interesting and fast paced. All those attending, whether a member or not, can offer bids. The auctions provides our members an opportunity to dispose of material no longer needed and if the winning bidder, adding new coins to their collection. We are always in need of new items for the auctions.

  One benefit of membership is having the monthly chance of being a major door-prize winner. If lucky a member can re-coup the value his annual dues many times over. We also have a 50/50 drawing every meeting where the winner will share the evening's jackpot equally with the club.

  In comparison to those who attend the local annual coin show held at the Charleston Civic Center, our membership does not reflect the numbers of those who collect. Our challenge for the coming year is grow our club to include as many collectors as possible. To meet this challenge we have put into place a new Board of Officers whose goal is to make our club better offering the kinds of programs and events that will retain our current members while adding others. If each one of us will work on enlisting just one new member we will double is size easily.

  Happy collecting and I'll see you at our next meeting.